Numero 74 Clothing for Women and Children

Numero 74 Clothing

Numero 74 is a timeless, practical and highly ethical brand 100% handmade in Thailand.  
The Concept is the love child of two cousins who have set up a Thai Women's Self managed Cooperative employing over 400 women each of whom are able to work at home whilst caring for family. 
The clothes are made with great respect to both the environment and ancestral knowledge using traditional dying & manufacturing methods.  The range is made from 100% Saloo - an ultra soft double cotton gauze that is incredibly breathable and comfortable to wear. Each garment smells heavenly with their own Numero 74 fragrance. 
Numero74 is world famous for their Mummy & Me Clothing collection available for children from 3months to 9/10 years and for women in one-size-fits-most styles.
 If you care where and how your clothing is made then this is the brand for you!